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About the California Firewood Task Force

image of burning logs

The California Firewood Task Force came about through a resolution passed by the California Forest Pest Council in November 2010.  Pests such as the Asian longhorned beetle and emerald ash borer are established in other states and would cause great harm if they became established in California.  The gold spotted oak borer, sudden oak death and pitch canker are invasive pests that are established in parts of California and would cause additional harm if they became established in other parts of the state.  Resource management professionals and scientists recognize that transport of firewood is one of the principal means by which many invasive pests are spread from one area to another.  The Pest Council resolution highlighted this threat and called for the formation of a California-wide task force to address the issue. 


Organization of the Task Force began in January 2011 and its first meeting was held a month later.  The California Firewood Task Force is a coalition of agencies, organizations and other stakeholders working to protect the state’s forests and natural environments from invasive pests that can be moved on firewood.  Similar efforts are underway throughout the United States.  Those interested in cooperating with or participating in the Task Force are encouraged to contact us.