Buy It Where You Burn It

Firewood Task Force

Our forests are threatened by nonnative insects and diseases. Many of these pests can be transported long distances on firewood. Once transported to new areas, these invasive species can become established and kill large numbers of trees and shrubs.

Firewood Scout

Firewood Scout

Firewood Scout is a web-based map that will help you find firewood dealers near the location where you will be using firewood. The website offers information on invasive species of concern in California as well as a set of questions consumers can ask to help assure the wood being purchased is low-risk for insects and diseases.

(Note: you will be directed to an outside website, may take about 10-20 secs to load.)

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Buy It Where You Burn It?

Moving firewood can spread invasive species. Keeping firewood local keeps the pests and diseases in the wood local, rather than spreading them to locations.

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